Martin Jonikas, PhD

I grew up in Paris, France and Berkeley, California. I was always fascinated by machines and was fortunate to have the opportunity to major in aerospace engineering at MIT. As part of a graduation requirement, I was forced to take a molecular biology class with an amazing professor, JoAnne Stubbe. The class opened my eyes to the world of molecular machines and led me to pursue a PhD in yeast genetics at UCSF, where I was mentored by Jonathan Weissman, Peter Walter, and Maya Schuldiner. I then was given the opportunity to start our lab at the Carnegie Institution for Science on Stanford campus. Seven years later, I moved the lab to its beautiful home in the Princeton Department of Molecular Biology.

My favorite part of science is working with students and colleagues of different backgrounds on bigger goals than any of us could achieve on our own. I believe in a healthy work/life balance: work hard, play hard. I am committed to providing a nurturing and fun training environment for everyone in the lab.

Curriculum Vitae