Moritz Meyer

I was sampling diminutive red algae in the Bay of Calvi for my final year project at the University of Liège when I first observed pyrenoids. This chloroplast micro-compartment and the molecular adaptations facilitating photosynthesis in aqueous environments have been at the heart of my research interests ever since. I did my PhD in the laboratory of Howard Griffiths in the Department of Plant Sciences, University of Cambridge, where we discovered that the small subunit of the CO2-fixing enzyme Rubisco imparts pyrenoid competency, in collaboration with Robert J. Spreitzer (University of Nebraska-Lincoln). This discovery formed a substantive part of a US-UK translational Research project, “Combining Algal and Plant Photosynthesis”, leading to a six-years collaboration with Martin Jonikas. I finally joined Martin’s lab at Princeton University in February 2017, where I continue to investigate the algal pyrenoid in the model green alga Chlamydomonas reinhardtii.