Shan He

I obtained my Ph.D. from Peking University, China. During my Ph.D., I focused on studying plant development and reproduction, and identified an important new imprinted gene with maternal effect in Arabidopsis.

I joined the Jonikas lab in 2016. I am studying the formation of pyrenoid, the important but poorly understood organelle which is crucial for the more efficient photosynthesis of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii. I have had an interest in photosynthesis since my childhood and because of this, I am excited to have the opportunity to do research in this field.

“Nature I loved, and next to nature, art.” - Walter Savage Landor

In my spare time, I like painting and doing handiworks. I am now learning acrylic painting in Princeton. I also like traveling, photographing and tasting delicious food.